Who is Shawn Hamman?

Shawn is a programmer, tech addict and Ninja Pirate. Sort of.

After fourteen years of software development he has some opinions and you have stumbled on to the place where he shares them. He loves science, computers and the internet almost as much as life it’s self and really wants to write a book some day… soonish.

He is married to his lovely loving wife who encourages his tech addiction (and supplies him with many of his gadgets).

He is a card carrying (literally) rationalists and humanist and he has yet to spawn a new process.

Shawn is currently the Head of Development at the Yellow Pages Group of New Zealand where he and his kick-ass development team of Coding Ninja’s, Software Testing Pirates and Solution Sorcerers are doing awesome and amazing things with web, mobile, business directories and a bunch of location-based services. He is also playing his part in helping to transform Yellow from being primarily a print oriented business to the digital giant that it should be.

(Writing about yourself in the third person for the win…)