I touched Steve Wozniak today.

I touched Steve Wozniak today.

May 21
I touched Steve Wozniak today.

I might never wash my hand again.

Yea, ok, not really but it was freaking awesome. To the max.

I prefer Steve Wozniak over Steve Jobs. For one, Woz isn’t a complete asshole. For another, he’s a Geek Guru, a Nerd God. The man designed, built and programmed an electronic computer (like, the first one) with his bare hands and got stinking rich from it. And then spread the love around unlike his peers.

What else is there to say?



  1. Norio

    Awesome stuff man 🙂 It’s not obvious from that photo but I can tell you’re as giddy as a kid at Xmas under that flint expression 😀

  2. shawn

    Yea, was pretty stoked, I have to admit. The Woz is the most awesome.

  3. Keran

    I’m still pissed you didn’t get something signed ….. Like MY iPAD 😉
    Super cool for you though dude …. Super cool

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