Went to Sydney, Yahoo!

Went to Sydney, Yahoo!

Apr 14
Went to Sydney, Yahoo!

As you might have noticed, I had myself an awesome trip to Sydney at the end of last week. It was mostly a business trip but a lucky spot of insomnia/jet lag ensured I got a couple of hours to photograph Sydney which was pretty damn awesome. Like Pete Crowe (mein führer und Chef…) says, it’s hard to be a bad photographer in Sydney.

We went over (two colleagues and myself) to go meet with the Yahoo! 7 software engineering team that is currently working on the Yellow website re-development. I was there mostly out of professional interest, I mean, what kind of tech geek wouldn’t want to meet engineers that work for Yahoo! but also to give them some insight into the way we solved some of the problems they are facing on Finda.

They were, as it turns out, an awesome bunch of guys working with some awesome tech in an awesome office. Who would have thought…

I surprised even myself with that stuff I learnt on the trip. Perhaps learnt is the wrong word. I realised a lot of things by talking to and observing the dynamics of the Yahoo! guys. The main thing being around more rigour in our pre-development planning process. There is a lot to be said for examining a problem from every angle and considering every use case before designing a solution. There is also a lot to be said for not giving your engineers shitty hardware to work on. Awesome engineers work on awesome hardware, no?

I’m going back to Sydney next month (can’t wait, the place is freaking awesome) and I hope to fit in a quick hello to the guys at Google there at the same time.


  1. wait you’re going back? back to that land of Aussies? oh boy no no no no .. .this can’t be, it just can’t be

    • shawn

      Of course it can be! I’ll be going back often methinks. There is an awesome amount of awesome to absorb there still.

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