It’s surprising how much you change

It’s surprising how much you change

Oct 10

I was just browsing Google Webmaster Tools for my site and I noticed there are still some pages out there in the wild that link to articles from the very first version of my blog. For a brief moment I considered importing those articles just so the links don’t give a 404. I even got as far as opening phpMyAdmin and getting the backed-up SQL into a text editor.

I then proceeded to make the grievous error of actually reading what I had written.

The reading started with my very first blog post, ever. Holy Haleakala  (to borrow a phrase from an astronomer whom I respect very much) what a load of crap. I certainly hope (and do think) that my writing has improved just a little since then. I have since the terrible reading valiantly fought and overcome a sudden bout of extreme nausea and have decided against importing said blog posts; 404 errors be damned. Those… ramblings are not fit for general human consumption.

The moral of this story: the more you practise ‘it’, the better you get at ‘it’ (even though you might still end up comparatively shit at whatever ‘it’ is) and, you are usually your own worst critic.

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