Programmer's Creed: The Mark of Quality

Programmer's Creed: The Mark of Quality

Jun 17

I was floating around the intartoobz when I came across this pearl of wisdom. I think that following these 4 prime laws will most certainly increase the quality of software. I would venture though, that, in the event of the quality assurance manager being of the male persuasion, that the head in option 4 be replaced by something more important.

The Programmers Creed:

  1. I will not begin the design phase until the user requirements have been unanimously agreed upon by all users, and etched onto large stone tablets.
  2. I will not begin development until the design is signed off, preferably in blood.
  3. Issues that arise during testing will be recorded in the issue management system, and the relevant developer shall be notified, in writing, before he or she is taken out and flogged, not after.
  4. Product upgrades will not be released into the production environment until the quality assurance manager has scheduled a time to place his or her head on the correct chopping block, and the axe-man or axe-woman has verified that the axe is indeed sharp.


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