Publishers are smiling because Apple will help them screw us

Publishers are smiling because Apple will help them screw us

Feb 07

I just want to be clear, right from the start, that I am an Amazon fan boy; I think they are great, I think their service is great and I think their Kindle is great.

Whilst plodding behind my wife while she was shopping (and I was carrying) today, I read Google News on my phone. This was one of the articles I read and it infuriated me:

The gist of the article is that publishers are happy that there are now other avenues to publish their e-books, other than Amazon, because now they can charge more. And that the likes of Apple will help them do this. (Why? because everything on Apple is overpriced and people just accept this?)

What makes me furious is that, essentially what they are saying is: “We are happy that we are now able to fuck the readers of these books more properly, because the value for money they got on the Kindle through Amazon capping the price of an e-book at $9.99 up till now is ridiculous.”.

No printing cost, no distribution cost, no storage cost but they want more. Do you suppose these criminals are giving the authors, you know, the people who MAKE the content more money? How much more? What purpose, precisely, does a publisher serve to an author for electronic books and which part of that purpose warrants taking the biggest slice of the pie?

I have a Kindle. I guess I buy two or three books on average a month.  At $5 to $10 a book, it makes perfect sense to invest in a Kindle, 15 to 20 books later and you’ve paid back the price of it (where I live at least, you should SEE the price of books here) and then you win (I mean, besides for all other advantages that the Kindle offers). If you take that to $15 it makes a bit less sense.

So basically, Apple iPad (and other platforms, like the Nook) enter the market and the first thing that happens is that I get screwed for more money on books. Perhaps the Apple Koolaid Club know something that I don’t, perhaps paying more for stuff increases “the cool” of something to them, but to me, it’s ridiculous. Competition is supposed to bring prices down.

Why, though, if it literally costs you nothing to sell the book to me, do you want to make it $15 instead of $10? To fuck me. That is the only reason. The very small bit the publisher will pay the author extra makes no difference in the author’s life. So the only reason is to fuck me out of more money, for the publisher, not even the author. This tends to piss me off.

I cannot wait for the day, and it will come eventually, where there are no publishers, where the author deals directly with companies like Amazon and take ALL of the pie, for e-books at the very least.

The publishers hate Amazon, because Amazon tries to control them to help people like me, the people who actually pay for the stuff. I have a word of advice for publishers and authors: it’s not worth my while to pirate a book that costs $5, the same is not true for a book that costs $15 or more.

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  1. …So I shouldn’t get a Nook? But they are so nice to read with…

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