Ich, bin, ein, Nerd!

Ich, bin, ein, Nerd!

Jan 12

But first, let us establish the exact extent of the Nerdity:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD3SF6foL00]

I was thinking about starting a series of posts on programming an evolution simulator, about how I am going to go about it this time (I’ve started a couple of times but some of the details eluded me in the past). But then my ThinkGeek order arrived and now I can’t concentrate properly on what I wanted to write about before, my mind clouded with the geekly awesome currently in the air.

So, I’m going to show off the Nerd!(tm) gear that arrived today instead.

The shirts I got for myself (ok, I may have gone a bit overboard, but that is entirely besides the point):

Go away or I will replace you a small shell script


Do or Do Not


user error


Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys




You are dumb v2.0


And for my wife:

GeeKISSexy Babydoll Tee


Geek Love Poem Babydoll


Pixel Angel


Can you feel the awesome? Can you? No doubt that you can.

Many sheep and goat producers indicate a special bond quickly develops between lambs and their guard llama and that the llama is particularly protective of the lambs. Guard Llamas. Cool.

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