Avatar in 3D was in fact, amazing

Avatar in 3D was in fact, amazing

Jan 03

I guess this post is sort of redundant since a whole bucket load of people have already seen the movie. If you haven’t, do yourself a favour and go watch the 3D version at the cinema (don’t be a cheap bastard and download it, for this one at least, it, will, not, be the same).

I can safely say, with confidence, that just about everybody will enjoy the movie. Follow my logic:

  • I *love* sci-fi and I thought it was great (criticism below)
  • My wife *hates* sci-fi and she thought it was great
  • I’m not too sure what my mother in-law’s preference is, but she thought it was great
  • My father in-law enjoys everything and he thought it was great

Ergo, everybody will enjoy it, it is great. Q.E.D. Q.E.F. T.H.

From a special effects, graphics, animation and CGI point of view, Avatar has set the bar at a completely new level, it will do for the industry what The Matrix did in the 90’s because it has awesomeness in abundance.

It will not, however, do the same for script writing, character development or story creation. It is very, very predictable. I feel that corners were cut in the story in some areas and drawn out unnecessarily in others. The creators could have done great (even greater, I mean)  things with just a couple of small changes to the story to make it a little more interesting. And seriously, unobtanium? You have got to be shitting me.

However; the graphics and effects (in the 3D version at least) were so insanely good and awe-inspiring that you tend not to notice the shortcomings in the storyline or somewhat corny scenes.

You *have* to go see it in 3D or IMAX, it’s ridiculously cool.

There were no llamas in Avatar.

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